-From John and Jamie-Sue's sold out Black Crystal Cafe Show, March 2014

This was the first time the artists have said "this is our last song", and the whole audience went "ooohh".  How do I shut this down?  Then they go into What A Wonderful World.  Nice.

One promoter described their charged, sparkling chemistry as "a hilarious blend, possessing all the best and worst qualities of marital dysfunction and sibling rivalry." That they should work together as a duo seems as natural as two healthy vines intertwining. With his beguiling, husky voice and righteous, blues-based guitar style, the five-o'clock shadow of Latini's voice is a perfect foil for Seal's sunny vocal clarity.  Whether in harmony or playing off each other---it's a him-and-her, back-and-forth synergy that can't be manufactured, only cultivated.        -Chris Rietz, Elderly Instruments and Copy Writer

 "Jamie-Sue Seal and John Latini put together musical shows that go way beyond the aging hipster folk crap.  Exceptional musicianship combined with enormous wit and engaging showmanship, they are the real deal.  If their show comes to town-BE THERE!"    -Michael Curths, Presenter and Promoter


John Latini and Jamie-Sue Seal are wonderful songwriters and singers separately but the music that brings them together is extra special.  Their voices and performing skills blend beautifully.               -Bill Keith, Trinity House Theatre

“John Latini and Jamie-Sue Seal absolutely own the stage when they’re up there.  Such chemistry, talent and music.  It was a real treat to catch them as I’ve been hearing folks talking them up for a while."          -Stuart Benbow, Performer/Songwriter

Vintage Roots, Standards, Blues


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